Francie Ryan Frisbie

Francie Ryan Frisbie was born at the Gladney Center, Fort Worth Texas, on December 7, 1984. Francie spent a week at Gladney before her birthmother said a final goodbye, her new adoptive parents picked her up, and she was relocated to Houston.

At age three, Francie moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where her adoptive parents gave birth to a biological child of their own. Francie spent her childhood years wondering about the mother who placed her, and the biological family she never knew. She was always aware of the role adoption played in her life, and desired to seek greater knowledge and understanding of the subject.

In the spring of 2004, through the Texas registry and gladney, Francie was matched and connected with her biological mother. For many years Francie has been in reunion, and navigated the ups and downs that it entails. During her reunion, she was given the information about her birthfather, but unfortunately he passed in 2010 before they had the opportunity to connect. Francie graduated from Xavier University in 2007, with a degree in Sociology.

She finished her degree by submitting a research project she had done on the impact of the societal stigma and adoption, adoptive families handling of this stigma, and an adoptees self-esteem and adoption identity. She was fascinated by how a families handling of adoption issues greatly affect an adoptees self image. She believes that education about adoption and relinquishment trauma can alleviate a lot of the emotional stress and issues that occurs within the adoptive family dynamic.

In 2012, Francie gave birth to a daughter of her own. Through this experience and different stages and experiences in life, she has realized how adoption is understood and processed differently as one grows. With the creation of this podcast, she hopes to join the movement to change the adoption narrative, advocate for adoptee rights, and help adoptive families build healthy relationships.

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