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I created this podcast to be an open dialogue incorporating all members of the adoption triad. 

The mission is simple: to bring together all of those touched by adoption to the “true center” of the conversation. 

In doing so, this podcast, aims to spark an honest and ongoing conversation that brings clarity and positive change to the issues surrounding adoption including, but not limited to: adoptee concerns and rights, family preservation options for expectant parents, birthparent concerns, adoptive parent concerns, health and education of everyone in the adoption triad, as well as their families, extended families, and friends.

The goal of this podcast is to create a community where people can share their stories, connect with others for support and validation, and can educate themselves. With your active or passive participation, we can increase understanding, foster public education, promote positive social and legislative change, and provide a true starting point for a future that supports the rights of all in the adoption triad, viewing adoption as one of many options in the new pro-family movement.

It is understood that adoption is necessary and intends to be beneficial for society.  Adoption attempts to ensure the health and safety of children who are in dangerous and/or neglectful environments or whose natural parents are unable to care for them for any number of reasons. Once a child is placed with adoptive parents who are deemed able to care for them, it is usually assumed that child has a much “better” life and thus is forever grateful toward the adoptive parents.  However, adoption is not that simple for anyone involved. Therefore, we must better equip everyone in the adoption triad.

This podcast aims to do just that- provide a forum for dialogue, support, connection, and education, so that as a collective community we can do better for the generations of young adoptees growing up today.

Most people know at least one person in their life who is connected to adoption, but most people do not know the reality and psychology of adoption. I hope this podcast can help you better support those in your life who are affected by adoption, because, I believe, support creates connection that allows for understanding, acceptance, and love.

The logo is a triangle, which represents the triad. The rainbow signifies that adoption exists everywhere and affects all people regardless of race, class, culture, ethnicity, and nationality. The color lime green represents adoptees, adoptee rights, legislation, and opening of the records. 

The adoptee is the heart of adoption, bound to experience a unique path that can feel quite lonely. With increased dialogue, education, support, and connection, we can help adoptees feel less lonely and more loved-which should be the goal of everyone in the adoption triad.



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