Receiving my files from Gladney: A Birthday Episode

Receiving my files from Gladney: A Birthday Episode

Today on the podcast I read my adoption file.

I only recently discovered that this is something an adoptee can request from the agency they were adopted from; and, in this episode, I open my files for the first time. In these files I discover some information about what transpired before my relinquishment given from the perspective of my birthmother and birth-maternal grandmother. I also read the nursing notes from the week I spent as a newborn in the hospital before my placement. This is an episode I decided to do for my birthday, which is December 7. These files give just some of the insight into the events surrounding my birth.

Birthdays are somewhat different for adopted persons. Birthdays a are the day we were born, yes, but also the day we were separated from our biological families. I know for me, I was never held by my first mother, my birthday is the day I was born then rushed out of the delivery room, the day I became a dependent of the state of Texas, while I lay alone in a hospital nursery for 7 days waiting for the placement with my adoptive parents. As adopted people, all our stories are different. Some know how their first few days went, others do not. I thought by doing this episode, by sharing my own personal journey, it could shed some light on the adoptee experience.

Receiving my files from Gladney: A Birthday Episode
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